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Richmond Upon Thames

I was asked to custom build a set of gates, a door and frame all made from teak for a client in Richmond Upon Thames. I worked with the client and his landscape gardener to get the right design and style that he was looking for. Once we had decided the design and what he wanted exactly I set about making them. They gates were made from solid teak throughout including the framework as specified by the client. The shed door was also made from slid teak and architrave to match. This was a great job to work on and one of the very rare times I get to work with such a great timber such as teak. 

Hampton Court

This was a project that I did last year for the firm I am currently working for at the moment. I was the site manager on this project so it was my responsibility to bring this project in on time and within the budget. It was also my responsibility to manage all of the contractors brought in to carry out their works, this also meant working very closely with the client, architect and building control to make sure the project was completed to the highest standard. The client had young children that he wanted to enjoy the house so he decided to put an extension on the back and create a fantastic open plan kitchen and family room for all the family to enjoy. Not only did we extend the house we completely renovated the rest of the house. 

High Wycombe

I was contacted by these two gentlemen one of whom I knew from a previous work place and they had been scammed by a rogue trader out of nearly £13,000. He had completely ruined their house and left it in a very unusable and dangerous state. They asked to try and rectify what was there and finish the job. Unfortunately there was nothing I could salvage and had to start again. They had a very specific specification and knew exactly how they wanted it to look. Due to the size of the kitchen we had to design and custom build the units in. As you can see from the pictures they wanted black porcelain tiles from floor to ceiling including the worktop on the entire ground floor. This was a challenge in itself, but working with the clients we managed to achieve exactly what they were looking for. They now have a fully functioning kitchen and the house they were hoping for when they moved in.

Pond Cottage